Monday, August 13, 2018

Going glamping to a luxury hotel terrace?

The ultimate and most cool, going glamping in the center of the city

The latest trend followed b Chicago’s, Denver’s, Los Angeles’, and other cities’ most luxury hotels is to diffrentiate their offer by including under sky terrace rooms in a glamping style where the traditional room has been substituted by a tent and the guest can experience an “urban glamping experience” on the most upper terrace of the hotel and enjoying the city skyline view under the stars. 

Luxury glamping tent at a terrace hotel

Glamping is a movement that arised in order to avoid the inconvinience of having to set up a tent when you want to enjoy nature while lodging in a comfortable tent, similar to those that ancient kings used to have or similar to those we have in mind when thinking about safaris in Africa. Luxury glamping resorts around the world have usually been placed at most attractive sites in order to offer guests a nice view and a calm stay.b Now these luxury hotels have found an innovative way of combining the best of the city with the best of glamping concept.

a room-tent five stars hotel

The hotels include with these kind of tent-rooms comfortable outer living rooms and special guest welcome packages as most expensive champaign brands.

These new urban glampings allow most luxuty hotels to make their terraces profitable and extend their offer with a new urban glamping concept only for their privileged customers who can afford it.

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