Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Glamping with Ctents, a customer's view

Several steps ahead

Our customers are always several steps ahead of us in generating ideas of how to use our luxury glamping tents, Ctents, to create unique spaces where to relax and enjoy a deserved resting time.

This is the recreation of a resort which is being designed by a client for a tourist glamping resort in a Mexico’s island. Every tent has its own terrace where to have a drink or a siesta in a hanging hammock under the shadow of a wooden pergola.
Glamping is a growing business for a more demanding public who prefer to spend their holidays in a natural environment. Luxury has not to be something incompatible with nature.
As the first travellers into Africa did when they took into the middle of the savannah most of the luxury they could find at a nice hotel, nowadays glamping trend has made us to discover how to enjoy the luxury inside a big size tent that allows for an adult to stand fully upright and move freely without any obstacle inside or around and that is fully waterproof.
A luxury glamping tent with a kingsize bed and a wardrobe inside and with a cover terrace outside, either by the tent porch or by a custom made terrace as the one of our friends in Mexico is the best place for relaxing this summer or even to enjoy along the whole year.

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