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Glamping wedding, have a great time!

How to choose the best tents to have a great glamping wedding?

Ctents, glamping wedding at lake
Glamping wedding at lake
The human beings who lives in cities needs to recover contact with nature. This is one of the powerful reasons that are increasingly driving glamping around the world, and one of its trends, after the luxury resorts and tented music festivals with glamping areas, are glamping weddings.

Glamping wedding at the beach Ctents
Glamping wedding at the beach
It is an unstoppable trend that disrupts wedding celebrations, in which the banquet and disco had a traditional role, and at the same time begin to recover, without realizing that, the oldest tradition in which guests to the wedding spent several spare days celebrating with the bride and groom.

Glamping weddings consist of this, camping in nature, but now without giving up the comfort of a hotel accommodation.

Glamping wedding at night Ctents
Glamping wedding at night
This form of celebration in which the guests are housed in a tent at an attractive natural environment, allows a return to the campfire that always stimulates the lively conversations, shared experiences and  music, and facilitates the relationship between the attendees.

The glamping weddings are getting more and more presence among the preferences of the brides and grooms and therefore are emerging more and more companies offering this type of service.

Ctents Luxury Glamping suite
Glamping suite for bride and groom
If you are thinking of organizing a glamping wedding, there are some details that you should take into account in order to make the experience of your relatives, friends and guests a memorable experience in which unforeseen accidents that coul ruin your wedding cannot arise and the comfort of the accommodation is an element of an unforgettable experience.

In all the weddings, it is quite normal for some of the guests to drink some more alcohol than it would be advisable, which leads to a less balance control, so, it is essential not to incorporate obstacles in the space destined to the celebration that could cause accidents.

Glamping wedding, family accomodation Ctents
Glamping wedding, family accomodation
It is well known that most tents on the market need guy ropes to keep them firmly in place. The ropes represent a double obstacle, on the one hand, it is a thin rope tramp that crosses the surrounding space around the tents, and on the other, the pegs are elements where easyly step on, if not enough attention is given, either due to distractions or to the effects of alcohol, or to both together, the fall is assured, which can turn a memorable happy celebration into a bad memory.

Glamping wedding at the forest, Ctents
Glamping wedding at the forest
In addition, for the guests’ comfort, who are going to have to change their dresses during the time of celebration, what they are going to do in the interior of their glamping tents, it is imperative that the tents have the sufficient height, so that it is possible to stand in them with comfort and to move freely, without obstacles inside, so that one can feel at home, or as in the best hotel room.

Finally, a key element for the comfort of the guests is the inner temperature, always lower at night and higher in the sunlight, sometimes in excess. To achieve this, it is imperative that the chosen tents have an effective thermal insulation system that reduces the inner temperature in the summer and allows a more pleasant inner temperature during the night.

Glamping comfort at nature, Ctents
Glamping comfort at nature
To achieve a glamping wedding that all guests remember in an unforgettable way it is a must to choose high quality glamping tents that offer all these characteristics: free of obstacles inside and around, inner amplitude that allows to move freely with comfort and thermal isolation.

by Ricardo Benítez Robredo

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