Monday, December 5, 2016

What to expect from a luxury glamping tent?

Craftsmanship and luxury glamping tents, something that shouldn't go separated.
When we think of luxury products we usually think of products that have been developed with care by experienced artisans, of stories of fine craftsmanship, of products which have been produced with time enough, with no hurries, products that can stand for many years to come, that can be distinguished by its high quality and that will differentiate their owners and give them a touch of distinction.

When we hear talk about luxury glamping tents it is becoming more and more common to find that quite a lot of standard tents are considered to be luxury tents only for their inner decoration or the site where they have been set up. 

But, as it happens with a luxury home, a luxury yacht or a luxury car, a standard tent can hardly be considered a luxury one, because it is not only about a fine decoration issue, it is also important to find the signs of luxury in every corner and detail of the tent.

ERebull, the 
 manufacturer of luxury glamping tents Ctents, has brought together several disciplines in order to produce a final product that can be appreciated for its high quality.

First of all the industrial design, Emilio Rebull who studied architecture in Canada, is the designer of Ctents. He has been working in industrial design and architecture for more than thirty years and has put to work all his knowledge on Ctents design.

The company has brought together a group of skilled workers and artisanal workshops specialized in sewing, and metal and fiberglass works like cutting, folding, mechanizing or welding.

Also the Ctents team has make a thorough selection of the materials used in the tents: fabrics, zippers, fiberglass, steel and every single component needed to produce the tent.

A care hand work, piece by piece, allows to reach the highest standards in each detail.

The result: a glamping luxury tent that can stand firmly adverse weather conditions, hundreds of assembly/dissasembly operations and last for years.

Every unit is checked before it is shipped to the customer and the experience of the clients is analized carefully in order to continuosly improve the tents design and performance.

Every detail has been thought having in mind the user's comfort; pieces that are strong and robust enough and that have been made with care and, of course, have been well designed.

A highly experienced team of craftspersons put their wisdom in every detail to reach the highest quality, so clients can be satisfied because they really get what they are paying for.

Find more at and join now the exclusive club of Ctents owners.

by Ricardo Benítez Robredo

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