Sunday, May 1, 2016

Costs reduction for mobile safari owners

With the appropiate tent, the costs for organizing a mobile safari tented camp can be significantly reduced.

Mobile safaris are at top of luxury personalized tourism offers.

But to set up a tented camp in the middle of the African bush, 400 or 500 km away from nearest village is not an easy job.
Usually, the best lodging solution you can offer to your guests at the mobile camp involves more people having to work for preparing the camp as you want to offer a better quality experience. 
Do you want to offer them a wide space inside nice tents for them feeling really comfortable? 
 Then, if you use traditional tents, you have to think on heavier and more difficult to set up tents than if you just want to offer to your guests a place where to sleep inside with minimum space needed. And if your tents have to use guy ropes then your guest will not feel as much comfortable as they could because they will have to be aware the guy ropes to avoid running into them and falling down at night while walking around the tents.
As more people you need to transport and set up the tented camp, more food and more vehicle space are needed, not only for the staff but also to carry the usual heavy tents - what implies more fuel costs –. But these are not the most costly issues, you also will have to pay for your staff personnel entering the national parks or natural reserves. So, it seems to be clear that reducing the number of persons per square meter needed for setting up the tents and the time for assembly/disassembly them, can be valuable enough and can payback fast.
The reduction of setting up and down time, can leave more time to the staff to prepare all the other services for the guests, so they will be able to devote their time to the other issues of the service more easily appreciated by the clients, like dinner or lining, while keeping your staff untired for these other tasks.
But, is it possible to find tents that can offer a wide space inside while being lightweight and can be assembled/disassembled in a short period of time?
These features and more are now offered by newly designed Ctents. 
Mobile safari owners can enjoy now: walk-in solution mosquito net protected, with a wide space inside, incredibly fast assembly/disasembly time, fewer staff per square meter needed to set up or down the mobile tented safari camp, reduced transport space and weight, the possibility to be set up the tents on any terrain without any tool needed; all that, while offering a robust structure and a comfortable space. Also there is an added advantage: as Ctents are modular, several of them can be joined together to offer a wider space to guests and to prepare a large enough dinning room or other facilities for them.
Mobile safari owners will not have to decide anymore about the balance between comfort and the ability to pack the camp into a truck, camel or mule train and move to a new camp location, thanks to Ctents exclusive structural system. 
Just in case you decide the guest have to set up the tents, the easy "color coded" and "just by hand" assemb├▒ly system can be used as a funny competition game between them.

By using these new generation tents, you can offer to your clients one step ahead in your mobile safari service while making it easier to go deeper into the African bush and to follow the migratory herds on their annual journey through the different wild open spaces or to travel with the natural flow of the wildebeest.

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