Monday, December 14, 2015

What I need a camping tent for, if I already have my own camper?

Sometimes a bit of freedom helps a lot!

A friend of mine is used to travel with his family on his camper. He is quite happy because he can go everywhere he (or his family) wants.

Even thoug, no everything is so nice, there are some inconviniences. When they have been for several days traveling along their journey, the spaces becomes a bit too small for his children, his wife and himself and it is quite difficult to find an intimacy moment for the couple and even for himself.
Resultado de imagen de camperHe likes the freedom of driving along any road and look for a place to stay overnight. They have their home wherever they go and they do not need to enter into a hotel room that has been used by other people before, or into a bathroom that is no "theirs", even if it is suposedly very clean up after the last guests' stay.

Sometimes during the trip it would be nice to have a private extra site appart from the other members of the family. To be together many days, many hours on a small space is like an ellectrical clowd that is recharging day by day, hour by hour until the thunder explodes. Human beings, even the ones that love a lot themselves as a nice family like my friends' one, need some private space to discharge the extra "electrical charge" accumulated by a long coexistence period of time inside a small space.

He has an extension to make a cover space outside beside the camper, but this is not very comfortable specially in rainy days or very sunny days. When it rains, the extra space doesn't provide intimacy neither is far enough from the camper, so everyone still feels like been over the others.
That is the reason he decided to rent a trailer tent few years ago. He was so happy thinking they were having an extra space to expand their spirits and recharge their good feelings towards the other members of his family. It worked pretty well. When the discussions between children were becoming annoying one of the parents took one of the children outside the camper to the tent, mounted next by the camper, but at a prudential distance. Or when the children wanted to play they could go inside the tent without disturbing their parents in rainy days, also as my friend confessed to me he went a few times to the tent to spend a couple of hours alone, just reading, without his family being around him. 

The system worked quite well. But there was another problem: Carrying all the travel with a trailer tent, behind the camper, was not an easy task. Sometimes he forgot he was carrying it and it started to jump on the not well pavimented roads. It wasn't easy either to find a park space for both the camper and the trailer, and when they went into a camping, the cost went higher than previous years, and, worst!, He had to select very well the places they went and avoid very winding roads, roads without problems for the camper but not so easy to drive with the trailer tent behind. Appart from the extracost in fuel and the difficulties while driving under strong winds. It was like a little nightmare so my frined decided not to use the trailer tent anymore.

Resultado de imagen de driving camper with towingAfter all that expirience he has discover this year Ctents, a tent that provide him and his family a covered space in only 15 minutes and that he can carry inside the locker of his camper. So there is no need to incorporate any trailer to the camper for their holidays, the tent has all what they need, a covered space that can be devided into different rooms, a ground sheet to isolate them from insects or reptiles and, of course, from water or mud, and what is better, an air chamber that reduces the heat outside up to ten degrees Celsius less inside.

Now he can enjoy hos free time with his family and his camper without any of the inconviniences associated with a trailer tent, neither those associated to have not an extra space for the expansion of the family individuals, together or separated.

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