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How to protect your investment in tents against saline environment of seaside?

Saline environment is one of most demanding environments for tents. Be prepared for not to loose your investment in tents too early!

What are the elements most difficult to protect against saline climate , when working nearby seaside?

The answer is quite simple: Not enough protected fabrics, metals, woods and ropes.

When you are running a resort nearby seaside and you want to maximize the ROI of your tents, you should, prior to invest, be sure to have well checked the features of the tents you are buying. Otherwise you can be surprised for the accelerated aging of your nice tents that can ruin your investment.

A tent has two main components: Fabrics and structure.

So, you should be aware of both being carefully selected, to secure your investment and also the image  of your business and your brand.

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First of all you should select rightly treated fabrics for your tent and, of course!, longlasting fabrics. A fabric that loose its colour fast, due to the action of the direct sunlight and the salt coming from the sea breeze, is a fabric that is going to say not much good about your business, a decolorated fabric is saying that you are running a business that has lost its brightness and has invested in low quality products and materials. So, not a very good image for a smart business.

What about ropes? The guy-ropes of a tent allow easily to determine its age, because when they have been exposed for some months to marine air, they appear with more knots they should have and they are frayed at the ends. Also some of their braces do not work any more and have had to be substituded by makeshift pieces.

But the worst thing is for coming:

Resultado de imagen de oxidized steel pipe
The structure. Metal structures are usually oxidized after not much time of exposition to the saline climate of the sea coast. This is because they are incorrectly treated or because  low cost materials have been used on the manufacturing. This can be a major problem, an oxidized structure can be a structure that can break at any moment and,again, doesn't say much good about how the business is run, probably in an oxidized manner.

Pintura del hombre de madera mueble Foto de archivo - 20813705
The wood fortunately does not form part of a quality tent made for helping to have a profitable business, because treating the woods at the seaside in order to avoid their fast aging is very costly and time consuming.

To overcome all these inconvenients, it is useful to devote some time to make a serious selection of the tent you are going to offer to your customers.

Resultado de imagen de white fabric roll
About the fabrics, it is very convenient to check for how long the manufacturer has tested the fabrics and what is their composition and treatments applied, in order to be sure they are not going to be a major problem for the business and they "say" the right words about the owner of the resort.

It is very difficult to guarantee a guy-rope can have a good matureness, it could last most if it is made of steel, but I personally do not recommend it, because its handling can be dangerous and if it frays, it can accidentally hurt the customers, specially if they are kids. My option: Choosing a tent that do not use guy-ropes. 

Resultado de imagen de fiberglass bars
To avoid the oxidization of metals is better not to have them. Plastic structures are not yet very developed at the tent industry (talking about high quality professional tents), they are too weak and not trustable enough. A structure made of solid long lasting materials, as fiberglass, assures that they do not break because of the weakening produced by the rust. another advantage of this material is that they always offer a like-new appearance. And, in case of the structure having any piece of metal, then make sure it is made of stainless or galvanized steel.

As conclusion, to be sure the tents you buy for offering a comfortable stay to your customers are ready to improve the profitability of your business, take the necessary time to check their quality and be certain that the manufacturer can guarantee the quality of their materials.If you liked this article, please recommend it to a friend, thanks! Please leave your feedback. 

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