Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Best Camping Festival Tents

How to select the best tent for having a fun tent music festival?

When you go to a music festival, you want to enjoy the music and have fun but you do not want any thing that can disturb these both objectives.

One of the main needs for a music fan during a camping festival is a tent where to store his or her stuff and enjoy a short rest to recharge the batteries, in order to be ready to start again shortly.

Here are six tips you should consider when selecting a tent to attend your favorite music festival. These tips are also useful for festivals promoters who want to offer temporary housing to the attendees:

1) Get wet only when you want to (not inside the tent because of the rain).

2) Reserve the time to jump around for when you are enjoying the music, not when you are trying to enter your tent or to move around it.

3) Humble yourself only when you decide to do it, either because you want to show a high respect to someone or because of your spiritual beliefs (not because you are entering the tent or you are trying to put on your trousers inside it).
Resultado de imagen de entering a tent

4) Allow inside your tent only the visitors who have been invited by you (not undesired insects or reptiles).
Resultado de imagen de spider inside a tent
Resultado de imagen de tent music festival wind5) Suffer the inclement weather - cold, rain, snow, hail, wind or heat - only when you are outside your tent.

6) Enjoy fresh breathable air not only outside the tent but also inside.

7) Save time to set up or down your tent.

But what are the features that a tent should have in order to let you enjoying the festival without these kind of unforeseen inconveniences?

Music festival tent, Ctents isolation detail
Flysheet separated from body
1) Be sure your tent has a separate flysheet that cannot touch the inner body of the tent, in order to avoid undesired leaks. Also be sure there are not uncovered holes through which the water can enter inside the tent.

2) Look for a tent that does not uses guy-ropes so it lets free all the space around the tent and you do not need to jump over them.
Music festival tent, Ctents, without guy-ropes, selfstanding
Tent environs guy-ropes free 

3) Be sure your tent is tall enough to enter the tent walking into and to move freely inside without any obstacle or to stand up inside.
Music Festival tent, Ctents, tall enough to move freely inside
A tent where you can enter walking without bowing

4) Be sure your tent is well isolated from the outside in order to avoid unexpected little visitors disturb your rest, and the holes - windows or ventilation hollows - are covered with mosquito net.

5) Check out the robustness of your tent under inclement weather conditions.
Music festival tent, Ctents, stand perfectly inclement weather.
Robustness under inclement weather

6) Only a tent well ventilated can mantain a fresh air inside, nothing as annoying as the smell to closed space  in many of the tents in the market.

7) Search for a tent easy to assemble, something useful for an individual but essential for festivals organizers in order to save time and human resources.

If you are confident about these requirements are being complied by your tent, then you are ready to fully enjoy the music festival you are attending to!!!

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