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What  I want a trailer tent for?

Resultado de imagen de trailer tentIf I am thinking in buying a trailer tent, there must be some reasons for that.

1) First of all I want to have a quite large space to use as a temporary home when I am travelling with my car, van, or camper (whatever that is what I have).

2) Having a totally portable home, occupying a reduced space.

3) Being able to transport it easily thanks to its low weight.

Resultado de imagen de trailer tents

4) Being able to assemble it in a short period of time, in order to enjoy it as soon as possible.

5) Being able to package it easily, so I can have it ready for next use.

6) Finally, having all that, at a reasonable price.

If we agree these are valid reasons to buy a trailer tent, then what we should do is to examine each one of them in order to check a trailer tent is the right answer to these challenges.

Let's check then all these reasons one by one:

1) If I am looking for space, then maybe it could be better to think of a tent, one which can offer me space enough; there are a few choices in the market.

2) A trailer tent do not seem the best answer to this need, because, even being it portable and can be placed at chosen site, I have to carry a towing all along my travel. It is not so comfortable to drive with a towing joined to my vehicle, particularly when trying to find a parking place, while driving on a winding road, going up or down mountains or near the sea shore, and is an added cost if I am taking the ferry, for instance. In addition, I need a place to park it at home. And a special driving license!

3) Most of tent trailes weight more around 500 kg or more, this is not really low weight, I have the extra cost of fuel to be able to move the trailer on the road, and it is not so easy to move when I am trying to place it on the site I have chosen and already have separated it from my vehicle. I can asure you I can find many tents much more lighter than a trailer tent.

4) Not all the tents are easy to assembly and many of them cannot be assembled in few minutes, that could be an advantage for a trailer tent, but, what if I can find a tent much more easier to assembly than a trailer tent, that allows me to enjoy 18 sqm in only 15 minutes, without tools?

5) One advantage of a trailer tent is that usually is easy to pack and as every pieces has its own place, it can be put on its place without loosing any piece. But, some tents are also very easy to pack.

6) Tailer tents are not specially cheap, also I should add the collateral costs: adequate driving license for towing, extra fuel cost, extra parking costs, space needed at home to store it, hmmmm.

If I consider the advantages and disadvantages of a trailer tent, I quickly become conscious that a good tent that satisfy all my needs is, for sure, a much more better solution. But, there is any?

Ctents tents galmping tent
Fortunately, the answer is YES, Ctents is a tent that can be easiliy assembled, it weights less than 100 kilos, can be easily packaged and carried in any kind of vehicle (without towing!) and best of all, its price is really competitive!

Easy to transport tent bag Ctents

So, for me the election its clear, Ctents has made of the trailer tents an invention of the past.

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