Friday, April 24, 2015

ERebull, Ctents manufacturer, start talks with Nizam, one of the biggest Pakistani tent companies

Top Executives of both companies met in Madrid and via videocall to discuss future cooperation

Mr. Ali Ahmed (videocall), and Mr. Ali Zafar, Nizam's ( CEO and Marketing General Manager respectively, and Mr. Emilio Rebull and Mr. Ricardo Benítez, Erebull's CEO and Bussiness Development Manager hold a meeting at a hotel in Madrid where they discuss the different areas of future cooperation for both companies. 



Both companies agreed that Nizam's commercial and manufacturing textile power and ERebull's design, architecture and engineering expertise can be a powerful mixture to expand their respective markets.

A. Zafar (centre), E. Rebull (right) and R.Benítez (left)

Nizam is one of the biggest Pakistani tent manufacturer and one of the biggest and most ancient in the world and it is a supplier for UNHCR, Red Cross, several armies in the world and a lot of private companies and clients.

The advanced design of Ctents by ERebull has awaken the interest of Nizam first executive officer Ali Ahmed, who has propitiated this encounter. Nizam and ERebull top management first met in Brussels at AidEx two years and a half ago.

This preliminary discussions have led to the agreement of deepen  conversations, and both companies will meet again at Germany in July, at the 22nd Summit of Outdoor business, at Friedrichshafen, one of the biggest outdoor shows in the world.

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