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What is a luxury tent?

Luxury tents are more what they have not than what really they have.

What do we expect when we think about a luxury tent?

Ctents, luxury tent plenty of free space inside
First of all, surely we can agree that we want free space without any obstacle to move freely inside, without any concern... more luxury implies less tent existing where we want to have space enough, i.e., we expect not to find any piece or any element of the tent where we want to find free space. 

We do not refer only to obstacles like poles or guy-ropes but also the tent fabric itself all we like to stand freely without touching with our head the inner ceiling of the tent. Not only in the middle of the tent, but also at the outermost sides of the tent. We like to walk comfortably not to bow more and more as we approach to the tent sides... once again the luxury is not to find the inner fabric of the tent touching our head or obliging us to bow in order to avoid that uncomfortable touch.
Ctents. No obstacles around, no guy-ropes

The same happens for the outer space of the tent. When we think about free space we want to have a free space without any obstacle. Nothing to disturb our free walk around the tent... again more luxury means less tent elements in our path.

What about the light?

Ctents lusury tents plenty of luminosity inside
For me, this is the second luxurious feature. We want to be able to see easily inside the tent. Many of them are as dark as a coal mine and it is not possible to see anything inside without a lamp even at the middle of the most sunny day. To have luminosity inside, again, the tent need not to be. Not to have thick fabrics that don't allow light inside. Best tent is the one that disturb less the daylight coming inside at the same time that avoids sun blinding.

And then, have you thought about odor?

Of course!, if I am inside a luxury tent I want not any annoying smell, I really want this another "not have" in my tent. But unfortunately the majority of the tents are very badly ventilated so they keep inside the body odor of the users mixed with the reheated synthetic fabrics odor or with the wet fabrics odor. Something that for sure is going to disturb our stay in that tent.

This is for me the third important feature of the luxury.

I could continue with a lot of characteristic aspects of a luxury tent, but I will finish with a fourth feature. The thermal isolation, something very rare to find in a tent. Again something we expect a tent not to have, we do consider a luxury tent that one that has not a good thermal transmission because that means the heat outside is coming inside as hot as it is and the same happens for the cold.

To summarize, what we expect for a luxury tent not to have:

- obstacles inside, in front of our path or above us neither obstacles outside
- obstacles for the outer daylight coming in
- odors
- good thermal transmission

If we say that in positive we expect for a luxury tent to be:

- spacious inside and able to be standing up without the need of guy ropes
- fabrics that allow the daylight inside
- well ventilated
- thermally isolated

and we expect all that features to be found together!!
Ctents luxury tents comfortable inside and outside

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