Thursday, October 9, 2014

Still time for Glamping?

Are the glamping tents comfortable enough for users?

No vacations past summer, too much work, short money.

Finally I decided to have a rest, what to do? Glamping!

I think this is a really enjoyable way for spending few days away. First, to fit the standard, then, to find the place.

Fitting the standard

Not so easy, maybe I fixed a very high standard, but I wnted to have room enough inside the tent for being able of keeping my erect position, being able to stand up and move freely inside the tent, not so easy.

Then I reject any place where I couldn't walk around my tent without obstacles, really difficult! Why so many tents still use old fashion guy ropes? Haven't we learned anything new since Roman era?

But those two seemed to me very easy requisites after trying to find a place where tents were at list a bit thermally isolated, very hard task!!, so difficult to find any! The point should be to have two separeted layers which can keep an air chamber in between capable of reducing the thermal transmission.

Is all that to much to ask for?

Ctents Glamping Luxury tent
Finally I found what I was looking for
Ctents Glamping luxury tent at night spacious and quiet

Find the place

Once you have found the right glamping tent, then you know that any place where a tent like this is located must be a place pleasent enough to spend some unforgotable holidays.

If you liked it, please recommend it to a friend, thanks!

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