Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Glamping, a new old concept? Which features are more interesting?

Are glamping something new we have just discovered?
Glamping is not something so new as many people think. Maybe the name yes, but not the concept.
The tent is an old invention that was already used in the ancient Egypt and the Roman or Persian empires. And we shouldn't forget that the nobles, emperors or kings wanted to have a good comfort standard in their homes even if for a great part of their lifetime their homes were no the big palaces they built, some of which still remain for the joy of visitors, but just a portable one: Their tent.

Those tents were plenty of luxury and still today in the colective inconscient remains the remembering of such a luxurious places to stay anywhere they needed to be.
To me, the glamping appears to be a glamurous way of trying to imitate these powerful rulers of the ancient world but at a lower scale. The mankind has always been attracted by nature and has always tried to have a safe way to live as near as possible of it without disturbing it or, at least, with the minimun altering of it.

Modern society has got conscious of the necessity of protecting nature as much as we can and to preserve it, making our path through the Earth something without footprint. Even if we know this is not going to be possible we try to approach this idea.

Glamping reveals itself as a means of spending some days of vacations that nearly comply those conditions: To stay at nature, in a luxurious temporary home, without altering nature too much and without leaving, as much as it is possible, our footprint there.

To achieve all that, we cannot do it like those ancient emperors did, count with an army of slaves who prepared their tents with all the comfort standard that they expected to have, without thinking about the cost, the weight or the time to erect the tent.

Nowadays, if we want to offer an unforgetable glamping stay to our customers, we cannot do it at any cost. It is important to offer the best at the best price, and to be able of amortize our investment at the minimun possible period of time. Now we have to look for the compromise between cost and benefit.

Ctents glamping luxury tentsWhat about if we had a glamping tent that could just be put over the soil, without the need of attaching it by pegs to the ground? What if we could displace it from the place we erected it, because we discover that the position in the soil, to the sun, to the dominant winds or just the view have been not well chosen and we would like to reorient the position of the tent? Could be interesting to be able to move the tent around without disassembling it, avoiding in this way a double work?

Brakfast glamping Ctents Luxury tents for Resorts and HotelsIs it something we expect, to need a small army of workers to assembly our glamping tents and to waste time looking for small pieces that can get lost easily? What about if our glamping tents could be assembled in few minutes with a reduced number of persons?, and what if their pieces were big enough not to get lost easily?

In my next post, I will suggest some indicators to consider, in order to obtain a good ROI (Return of Investment) of your investment in glamping tents .

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