Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to select the right tent for Glamping?

When trying to choose a tent for Glamping (glamorous camping) one should first think on his or her clients.

What will they be expecting to find in our Glamping site?

Any person who is willing to spend some days at a Glamping site has mainly two expectations: 1) to be near nature but under nice comfort standards; 2) to feel free of obstacles around, but protected against annoying situations like insects, reptiles, spiders, dust or water coming into the temporary housing

First of them can be solved if you offer your clients a place where they can enter into like in their own home, without bowing as they cross the door, where they can be standing up and be able to walk around inside as they usually do. After centuries of having conquered the erect position, a glamper doesn’t want to resign to this goal!

Then, you need space enough, a Glamping tent should be some kind of “luxury inside nature”. The main characteristic for a luxury housing is the inner space, one should feel himself as being in a hotel suite, with a wide bedroom, a nice place to sit around, some furniture to keep the clothes and valuables safe and clean, and a table where to have some meals, while having a covered space outside to prepare a nice barbecue or having a refreshing drink.

The second question is very important, but frequently forgotten, it is quite common to find not well solved Glamping sites, where after being inside your tent you want to go for a walk and then you must to walk several meters apart the tent just to avoid the guy ropes that many Glamping tents of Romans’ age  are still using, then your surrounding become a messy labyrinth of crossing ropes that have to be jumped over, bringing your glamorous feeling to an annoying reality not relaxing at all.

Glamping tent, luxury space CtentsThen the protective issue, It is quite disgusting to be having a good time with your couple or family and then to be upset by an unexpected visitor, so it is important for a tent to have their holes covered by mosquito nets, and to be isolated from outside in such a way that there are no uncovered holes at floor level, in order to there is no space for the small alive visitors to come into or for the water to break our mood.

There are of course some other features you should expect at a comfortable Glamping tent, one is the thermal isolation. To be sure that you have a warmer temperature when outside is cold or a cooler one when outside is hot, you need some useful isolation not just a nominal one. The best way, as in your windows or walls at home, is an air chamber that can guarantee the inner comfort conditions.

None of these attributes are enough if when it rains and you are inside the tent you can get wet, leakage is reported to be one of the most common problems of tents. Only a tent which avoids that fabrics can create pockets of water can avoid water to penetrate inside the tent and is safer enough against humid situations. Be sure your Glamping tent always keeps the fabrics tight.

Finally, you do not want to have to stretch the fabrics every day or every time the wind blows a bit, you really expect a tent that do not need to be stretched and that is able to keep its shape as it was when you first put it up.

If you are able to have a Glamping tent that joins all those features together, then you are ready to have a really relaxing nice Glamping stay!!!

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