Sunday, July 27, 2014

Glamping, a mixture of good feelings

Is it possible to be comfortable enough inside a Glamping tent?

I imagine my Glamping stay as staying at a hotel suite but inside nature. Is it too much to ask for?

First of all, when I think on Glamping I think of it with uppercase 'G' because for me is not another fashion issue, it is a real discovery, something which has its own strenght.

When I pronounce this word inside my mind, 'Glamping', a lot of feelings come to me, making me to anticipate the moment of being there and make me feel very good.

One of this feelings is a feeling of Relax, I feel like being in a place where I can stay calmly and quietly inside nature and without disturbing noises or drawbacks as insects or reptiles, dust or other upsetting 'invaders' of my privacy.

The Relax it is important inside but also outdoors, the relaxing feeling brings to my mind the image of a porch under which I can lay drinking a refreshing drink while resting on my deck chair when the weather permits me to be outside.

Another feeling that arises is the one of Luxury: To feel myself as a privileged guest.

Two are for me the main attributes of Luxury when talking about housing and temporary housing: Spaciousness and Luminosity. These both are the things most of us look for when searching for a home where to live in: space enough to move around and being able to enjoy the clarity of the day.
Tent Ctent glamping luxury cool

When I am in a Glamping tent I want that the available space inside be enough to stand up or to move around comfortably, for me that is essential, but a thing I consider critical is  to feel as keeping the best part of the sunlight inside my tent.

A third attribute also important is to be able to look at outside without annoying efforts, to have wide windows that permit me to enjoy the surrounding views while I am inside my Glamping tent.

tent tents luxury glamping cool spacious safari
I enjoy discovering all of the feelings produced by a single word. Another important one is the feeling of Safety, being confident that my tent is not going to collapse or loose its fixing systems, so I do not need to be aware of keeping the shape of my Glamping tent because, as in a private suite at a hotel,  I do not need to care about of the walls, of course, they are not suposed to loose their shape! I expect the same from my Glamping tent.

To be Safe also means to me I can walk outside without caring to much where to put my feet because I am sure I am not going to find obstacles crossing my pathway.

But not all that is enough. It is critical to feel Safe that, if it rains, I can comfortably be protected without any risk of having water inside, I do not expect my tent having any leakage.

tent tents luxury glamping cool spaciousAnd finally one feeling more I have is being confident that my Glamping tent is going to assure me a comfort Temperature conditions better than it could be outside. Then I look for a Glamping tent that has a real air chamber that can temper the temperature inside  when is hot outside, but also when it is cold and that can guarantee me that, if I am using air conditioning or an stove, I can keep the temperature without spending a lot of energy.

As I searched for a tent that could offer me all these characteristics and that could keep the feelings that the word Glamping evoques into me and I did not found it in the market, I went to my friend Emilio and we together decided to design and develop one. This is the origin of Ctents a product that helps to keep 'Glamping' as a mixture of nice feelings all together and now, after more than four years of research and developement we can offer it to the market.

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