Sunday, August 19, 2018

Going glamping may bring you close to nature, and to wild boars!

One more reason why I consider glamping a relaxing activity

Ctents Glamping, wild boar family
Yesterday I had the opportunity to observe very closely a family of wild boars. It was quite funny to see the squeakers trying to suck from their mother while she kept walking and the squeakers kept going after her as in a hunting chase where the wolves were the squeakers instead and the hunting piece their mum, not trying to eat at her this time but just her tasty milk.
I had a really good time in the company of my wife, her daughter and son in law and our two grandchildren that for sure were who most enjoyed the scene.
Ctents Glamping, squeakers sucking
It is incredible how you can stay looking at them for so a long time, we could have spent hours there if the children wouldn’t get hungry. Probably the view of the squeakers finally reaching her tired mum who chose to lie down in order to allow her small herd to reach their prize, also made them hungry and we had to go back to our glamping tent where we all could rest and have our deserved dinner after our relaxing visual hunting day of wild videos and photos.

Ctents Glamping, deserved rest

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Do’s and don’ts in buying a luxury glamping tent

5 Tips for choosing the right luxury glamping tent

Ctents glamping tent

Is there any issue you should be specially aware when buying a luxury glamping tent for your glamping resort?

First impulse when you are thinking on starting a glamping business is to choose a tent design you like either becuase you have seen it in some glamping resort you stayed or because you have seen in a glamping magazine or in a website and it looks nice to you. Then you start to imagine how your future glampsite would look like; then you begin to look for suppliers, usually most popular ones and they easily convince you to save money and reduce the investment amount you are willing to spend, in order to make your business as much profitable as you can. But is this the right approach?

Ctents at lake

When you are planning to start a glamping business, to extend your current glampsite or to susbtitute your current not very comfortable glamping tents, you should consider something easy to say but difficult to reach, to have the customer needs on mind. What does a client need? first of all you cannot speak about luxury glamping if your tent present leakages when the rain falls, or if the tent is surrounded by dangerous obstacles as the guy-lines many tent have are. Also the tent should be protected against annoying visitors like insects or bugs with with mosquito nets in the holes and with a groundsheet that seals the inner room at bottom of the tent.

A client that is going to spend some holidays in a glamping tent would like to have an inner temperature smoother than outdoors, either in summer or in winter, something that is not really possible if the tent has not the right isolation system, of course the client would like to enjoy all that being able to stay upright inside the tent.
Comfort with Ctents

Remember “customer first”, think on customer and select a tent model that include all these features to ensure the users’ comfort. To invest the right money in customer satisfaction always pays off.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Going glamping to a luxury hotel terrace?

The ultimate and most cool, going glamping in the center of the city

The latest trend followed b Chicago’s, Denver’s, Los Angeles’, and other cities’ most luxury hotels is to diffrentiate their offer by including under sky terrace rooms in a glamping style where the traditional room has been substituted by a tent and the guest can experience an “urban glamping experience” on the most upper terrace of the hotel and enjoying the city skyline view under the stars. 

Luxury glamping tent at a terrace hotel

Glamping is a movement that arised in order to avoid the inconvinience of having to set up a tent when you want to enjoy nature while lodging in a comfortable tent, similar to those that ancient kings used to have or similar to those we have in mind when thinking about safaris in Africa. Luxury glamping resorts around the world have usually been placed at most attractive sites in order to offer guests a nice view and a calm stay.b Now these luxury hotels have found an innovative way of combining the best of the city with the best of glamping concept.

a room-tent five stars hotel

The hotels include with these kind of tent-rooms comfortable outer living rooms and special guest welcome packages as most expensive champaign brands.

These new urban glampings allow most luxuty hotels to make their terraces profitable and extend their offer with a new urban glamping concept only for their privileged customers who can afford it.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Glamping with Ctents, a customer's view

Several steps ahead

Our customers are always several steps ahead of us in generating ideas of how to use our luxury glamping tents, Ctents, to create unique spaces where to relax and enjoy a deserved resting time.

This is the recreation of a resort which is being designed by a client for a tourist glamping resort in a Mexico’s island. Every tent has its own terrace where to have a drink or a siesta in a hanging hammock under the shadow of a wooden pergola.
Glamping is a growing business for a more demanding public who prefer to spend their holidays in a natural environment. Luxury has not to be something incompatible with nature.
As the first travellers into Africa did when they took into the middle of the savannah most of the luxury they could find at a nice hotel, nowadays glamping trend has made us to discover how to enjoy the luxury inside a big size tent that allows for an adult to stand fully upright and move freely without any obstacle inside or around and that is fully waterproof.
A luxury glamping tent with a kingsize bed and a wardrobe inside and with a cover terrace outside, either by the tent porch or by a custom made terrace as the one of our friends in Mexico is the best place for relaxing this summer or even to enjoy along the whole year.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Maloca Glamping open its doors with Ctents

Three Ctents have been used in this fantastic new resort

Last weekend Maloca Glamping - a new glamping resort at Guasca, Colombia - opened its doors to offer to the local and foreign public a place to stay and have an encounter with nature and with themselves.

 MALOCA GALMPINGCtents on wooden platform

The owners of the glamping have selected Ctents as the luxury glamping tents to equipe their resort.

Ctents, breakfast at bed

They have been very careful with the environment and very respectful to the nature and they have accomplished a very attractive tourist development, completely integrated in the middle of the forest.

Ctents in forest

The three Ctents used are of model Ctents Easy Porch 450 of 10 m2. They have been installed on wodden platforms that include a nice terrace, from where to have a spectacular view of the sorrounding valley.

Guasca view from Ctents

At the glamping site, a full service is offered, with a nice restaurant where the selected clients can have a nice dinner or lunch and they can also to have their breakfast served at their tents.

Luxury tent Ctents, with bed

Ctents have a PVC flysheet separated about 30 cm from the inner body which protects the users against rain and keep the tent always dry inside. This configuration is ideal for the rainy place where Maloca is located.

Other impressive achievement for this fantastic resort has been the ability of their owners to develop the complete resort, from the idea in their minds to the full opening to the public, in just six months.

When night falls, a new extraordinary experience begins under the stars.

Luxury glamping tents Ctents, night view at Guasca, Colombia

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Ctents in "LUXURY rich & famous"

An article on Ctents has just been published in "LUXURY rich & famous", the only magazine on luxury  in Romania.

The issue, corresponding to May '17, has been just released this week .

If you do not master Romanian, don't mind, find translation of the article below.

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Ctents luxury tents in Luxury rich and famous magazine, Romania.

Ctents, luxury glamping tents in Luxury rich and famous magazine. Romania

Ctents, luxury glamping tents in Luxury rich and famous magazine. Romania
English/Spanish translation

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Glamping wedding, have a great time!

How to choose the best tents to have a great glamping wedding?

Ctents, glamping wedding at lake
Glamping wedding at lake
The human beings who lives in cities needs to recover contact with nature. This is one of the powerful reasons that are increasingly driving glamping around the world, and one of its trends, after the luxury resorts and tented music festivals with glamping areas, are glamping weddings.

Glamping wedding at the beach Ctents
Glamping wedding at the beach
It is an unstoppable trend that disrupts wedding celebrations, in which the banquet and disco had a traditional role, and at the same time begin to recover, without realizing that, the oldest tradition in which guests to the wedding spent several spare days celebrating with the bride and groom.

Glamping weddings consist of this, camping in nature, but now without giving up the comfort of a hotel accommodation.

Glamping wedding at night Ctents
Glamping wedding at night
This form of celebration in which the guests are housed in a tent at an attractive natural environment, allows a return to the campfire that always stimulates the lively conversations, shared experiences and  music, and facilitates the relationship between the attendees.

The glamping weddings are getting more and more presence among the preferences of the brides and grooms and therefore are emerging more and more companies offering this type of service.

Ctents Luxury Glamping suite
Glamping suite for bride and groom
If you are thinking of organizing a glamping wedding, there are some details that you should take into account in order to make the experience of your relatives, friends and guests a memorable experience in which unforeseen accidents that coul ruin your wedding cannot arise and the comfort of the accommodation is an element of an unforgettable experience.

In all the weddings, it is quite normal for some of the guests to drink some more alcohol than it would be advisable, which leads to a less balance control, so, it is essential not to incorporate obstacles in the space destined to the celebration that could cause accidents.

Glamping wedding, family accomodation Ctents
Glamping wedding, family accomodation
It is well known that most tents on the market need guy ropes to keep them firmly in place. The ropes represent a double obstacle, on the one hand, it is a thin rope tramp that crosses the surrounding space around the tents, and on the other, the pegs are elements where easyly step on, if not enough attention is given, either due to distractions or to the effects of alcohol, or to both together, the fall is assured, which can turn a memorable happy celebration into a bad memory.

Glamping wedding at the forest, Ctents
Glamping wedding at the forest
In addition, for the guests’ comfort, who are going to have to change their dresses during the time of celebration, what they are going to do in the interior of their glamping tents, it is imperative that the tents have the sufficient height, so that it is possible to stand in them with comfort and to move freely, without obstacles inside, so that one can feel at home, or as in the best hotel room.

Finally, a key element for the comfort of the guests is the inner temperature, always lower at night and higher in the sunlight, sometimes in excess. To achieve this, it is imperative that the chosen tents have an effective thermal insulation system that reduces the inner temperature in the summer and allows a more pleasant inner temperature during the night.

Glamping comfort at nature, Ctents
Glamping comfort at nature
To achieve a glamping wedding that all guests remember in an unforgettable way it is a must to choose high quality glamping tents that offer all these characteristics: free of obstacles inside and around, inner amplitude that allows to move freely with comfort and thermal isolation.

by Ricardo Benítez Robredo

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